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Thursday, December 20, 2012  
 The end of the world.  So, if this is my last blog, I will make it brief.  
If the world were to end today I would be okay.  I would take comfort in the fact that all my enemies are gonna die, and I will know I lived life well.  
It's so easy to get caught up.  People fearful of death.  I know that I have this comfort in no matter what, God has brought me to this day.  Has blessed me with so many good people in my life.  My cup overflows easily.  I mean, my family.  The crazy people we are.  We been through a lot, but look at them.  Every member of my family so beautiful with the core of all their beings  filled with love.  My family is so diverse, yet united in the fact that we love like no other.  Near or far, we are strong.  
My friends.  Wow, what friends I have.  We fight, we love, we fight, we love.  We know that we have each other.  I have been blessed with friends that not just say what one wants to hear, but says what they really feel.  They are loved for who they are, and vice versa.  Faults and all.  Never have I  been so blessed.  
And, to myself.  I've been though so much life.  I've had dramatic ups, and dramatic downs.  But through it all my friends and  family have sustained me. They have kept me honest with myself.  
I hope this can always be said of me.  I gave my all into everything I took on.  Rather it be thankless jobs, poker (playing and behind the scenes stuff), communion teams and church, friendships, relationships.  I never half showed up.  I loved like know other, which caused me to be hurt like no other.  I struggled with forgiveness all my life, but never was it a lost caused.  I provided laughs and comfort to those around me even at the expense of myself.  Never did I hurt another to feel good about myself because I always felt it best two people lifted up than one person trampled on to gain a little height for myself.  I was kind.  I was opinionated and never missed an opportunity to speak what I thought to be truth.  And for those times I was wrong, never did I Coward away from a true heart filled apology.  I laughed hard, I cried hard, I loved hard, and I died hard.  I was always different in everything I did.  I was forever evolving but never lost within myself.  I tried all I could to help those who weren';t able to help themselves .  I was a good person.  This is what I hope can be said of me. That's the handprint I want to leave  

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