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Monday, January 09, 2012  
Months and months has passed, and now I decide to type a blog. I don't know what I can type about, but I'm just gonna let it flow like old times.
Life for me: Life is good. I know I say it a lot in my Facebook posts, but it's so true. Just 3 months ago, I was at the lowest of lows. I'd been unemployed, I'd been robbed at gunpoint, I'd been through so much. I was miserible. I was becoming the person I hated again. Reminded me of my Burger King days.
Some think that it changed because I got a job. That is false. I reached such a low that I decided in August that Starting september, I would go down with a smile and positive attitude. Two days after I embarked on the "ReNewed" Tommy, I got the call for the job. Ever since then, I''ve, for the most part, kept the positive energy going.
Now, to be on a positive kick does not mean I will/have been exempt from funky days. But my reaction to those days is no longer to just let it throw me off. I take it in, learn a lesson, and adapr ro never let whatever factors happened happen again. It' feels so good to gain this power! Absoulute control of my life. I've seen and felt what it is to scrap the bottom of the barrel, and I'm so glad and appreciate so many things a lot more. My awesome friends and family who without them, I would have been done for fore sure.
So, lets get out those linguring questions that some of you have had. ( These questions actually asked by some of my friends. Now I answer publicly. I'm such a celebrity. lol. )
1) What is your biggest problem/issue now that you're on this positive kick, and why doesn't it bother you like it would have back then?
Well, I would have to say it's a tie. Health issues and my slow ass destiny taking his time finding me or allowing him self to be found. When I started my 1st job, I knew that I would have to adjust my schdule. It's a pretty much set schedule, thank God. Tuesdays - Saturdays 6-2. Of course, with commute and general readiness, I usually get up about 4:30 and get hom about 3. Then add to that I have a second job with varible schedule Well, this puts a big kink into my abandoned workout schdule. I am still trying to adjust to get my social life, gym life, sleep life, and work life flowing correctly. I tell you this, since starting the jobs, I've gained 34 lbs. :-( So, it's still a work in progress. I'm not giving up. I've got a schedule I'm going to try actually starting this week. Hopefully it will work better.
2) You say you're single, but your posts on Facebook are misleding when you talk about loving someone and this person and that. Are you single? What's the deal?
(Sigh) okay. So I have a big heart. Some of the post I put on my wall are to a specific person. In the spirit of Transparency, I will tell you it is my ex Alejandro. But, allow me to explain. Him and I know each other better than anyone on earth. When I post things like " I recalled why this day is so special to me. Love you" it's purly as a friend now. There is history between us and I do love him. But, I'm not in love with him. I have some fond memories, but he nor I am under any dillusion that there will be a reunion accopannied by that "Reunited" song. He is engaged to an awesome guy right now, and I am still searching that slow ass destiny. I think when I do realize who he is, I'm gonna start by kicking him in the gnads for having me wait so long.
3) Why are you such a drama queen recently?
Just a lot on my plate kids. I'm naturally an emotional person and when stress piles upon stress, I'm easily dramatic. Sorry, but I can't change that. Sorry in advance if I sometimes get a little dramatic about something you may find small. My hormons are starting to get back in control but there are still a lot of things that I am going thru. I whole friggen lot.

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